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Witness the merger.
Photography by Nik Voon

Claudia Poon And Pat Law Merge In Deal Of A Lifetime

Claudia Poon and Pat Law today announced their impending merger into a single entity. The official signing of the definitive merger agreement will take place at Eagles Nest Retreat, Tasmania on 11 November 2022.

The move to merge was initiated on 12 March 2019, but the process was overtaken by global events, eventually taking more than 2 years to complete. Claudia, who will take up the role of Chief Home Affairs Officer, said, "It's finally happening, and I can't wait!"

Valued and key stakeholders of this relationship, who have been instrumental to its growth and success, will be invited to witness the official signing of this union. They are expected to give their full blessings to the new entity, and commit to supporting the new entity as it journeys into its bright future.

Pat Law, Chief Everything Officer, said, "Together, with everyone's support, and the love we have for each other, this merger will be unbreakable and its future limitless. I am very optimistic of what we will be able to achieve moving forward."

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11 November 2022 • 3pm to 11pm

Eagles Nest Retreat
192 Careys Rd
West Kentish TAS 7306

Witness the Merger
Witness the Merger
Claudia Poon and Pat Law merge in deal of a lifetime. Key stakeholders expected to witness official signing of the merger.
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